In the industry for over 30 years, Ken Bishop talks about how Elder Logistics (EL) has over 40 Peterbilt trucks and how the company’s driver pull improved drastically. Bishop also shares how the PX Engine and TS-8 transmission are great combinations that drive the 536 into a smooth and easy ride.

Michael Forsythe, a truck driver with Elder Logistics for over 4 years, shares how he’s impressed with the truck. As Michael shares, the transmission is fantastic, the shifts are on point, there’s no hesitation of the truck on downhills or uphills, and the driving experience feels instantaneous. 

Best of all, Michael shares how the buttons and controls are just a touch away. Michael also appreciates the space and comfort the seat allows while driving. Compared to other trucks, where the driver might be cooped up or hunched over, Peterbilt trucks allow for a comfortable and fun ride.

If you want to learn more about Elder Logistic and Peterbilt’s history, check out the video!