Interstate/Intrastate Hotshot Services

Whether you need your products and shipments made locally or out-of-state, or even if you need a hotshot delivery service to haul to the next city over – Elder Logistics is prepared and ready to provide you with the freight and logistics servicing your business deserves.

Interstate vs. Intrastate – What’s the Difference?

Interstate trucking is whenever a truck driver goes across state lines (including leaving the country) to deliver cargo to an address outside a state. Another way to look at the situation is whenever cargo is transported within the boundaries of a state to an address outside a state.

Intrastate trucking, on the other hand, is whenever a shipment of goods is transported within a single state whose final destination is within the same state as the shipment’s original delivery.

Regardless of which type of servicing you need, Elder Logistics knows your business needs will be exceeded when you partner with us!

Fulfilling Hotshot Servicing in Minutes and Hours

You may be asking yourself, what is hotshot servicing? Well, hotshot servicing (also known as hotshot deliveries) are usually LTL freights involving loads that are less than the capacity of a full-truckload.

Here at Elder Logistics, we aim to make sure time-sensitive cargo are delivered in minutes or hours. After all, that’s the main aim of hotshot delivery servicing!

A Variety of Vehicles in Operation

Whether you need delivery service through intrastate, interstate, or hotshot delivery, we can provide a range of different trucks to deliver your products and other goods. Especially since we’ve partnered with Peterbilt over the years and now have over 40 Peterbilts in our fleet to date. Regardless of the type of truck, though, Elder Logistics has you covered for any of your business’ requests and needs!