Flatbed/Curtain Van Services

More options, not fewer, are the staple of flatbed and curtain van trucks. In case you need to haul something large or oddly sized, a flatbed or curtain van can accept loads that other conventional hauling vehicles or trucks cannot accept.

The key to Elder Logistics’ flatbed and curtain van servicing is versatility. Our desire to see your business operations flourish is what gets us pumped up for the day!

It’s time you saw the growth in revenue and efficiency your business deserves. Do it for the people who make it matter the most.

Why Choose a Flatbed?

A flatbed truck is designed to handle immense loads. Here at Elder Logistics, our flatbeds can help carry heavy loads that would be too much for trailers or other vehicles. As a result, we’ll need to make fewer trips back and forth. In addition, large and oddly shaped loads will be easier for us to handle when operating our flatbeds.

Immense Benefits of a Curtain Van

Whether you need transport doors, windows, or lumber – or even if you need to have automotive components, aircraft and aerospace components, or defense equipment delivered, Elder Logistics is more than happy to fulfill your order!

Unique and One-of-a-Kind Special Orders

Part of the reason Elder Logistics offers servicing with flatbed or curtain van trucks, is because we understand there are some truly unique and one-of-a-kind special orders that need to be fulfilled. Regardless of your request, our team can find a way to fulfill your business’ transportation needs in an efficient and effective way that works for the desired safety and security of each shipment.