Track & Trace

Through the use of tracking systems, fleet data can be analyzed to predict a cost-saving route for every vehicle. By using SMS or a web browser (for mobile or desktop), you can access tracking data in real-time. A staple amongst the best track and tracing systems, vehicle tracking and security are provided by GPS trackers.

Functional insights meets actionable deployment. You’ll never regret your freight and logistics decisions ever again when you put your faith in Elder Logistics!

Discover Bottlenecks in the Supply Chain

Perhaps it’s time to change the driver’s schedule or route if they are spending too much time in transit. When you track shipments, you can find out where time is being wasted. This is a real-world example of how to discover a bottleneck in your business’ supply chain.

Real-Time Tracking

A real-time tracking system makes sure you never miss an upcoming event, such as a delivery that occurs in between two regular location updates. As well as preventing premature battery drain, a real-time tracking system reduces redundant data sent by a stationary vehicle, such as multiple location updates.

Never worry about the whereabouts of a shipment ever again when you work alongside one of Elder Logistics’ team members.

In-Depth Security

With in-depth security, future consignments will be able to pinpoint the locations of any package or parcel via GPS to determine their exact location. A tracking system identifies the goods at each processing station and feeds this information back into the software. Using this information, the shipment’s status can be tracked.

Fortunately for you, Elder Logistics has all of these features – and more – integrated into our fleet management systems and across all of our trucks and drivers.

Efficient Routing Systems

You can use GPS maps to show your drivers the easiest and fastest routes and help them avoid heavy traffic. Fuel costs can be reduced and productivity can be improved by using tracking and tracking solutions.

By having efficient routing systems, packages will ship on time when they’re supposed to – and arrive at their destination like it should always be.

After all, that’s our goal at Elder Logistics – is to provide you servicing that you need when you need it.