Over 3.5 million people are working as truck drivers in the United States. The industry is a vital element of the economy, and trucks are on the move daily, delivering materials and products locally, within state lines, and across the country. 

Some businesses require smaller loads to be delivered quickly and efficiently, which means certain businesses may need more custom services than those offered by standard tractor-trailer trucking companies. That is why hot shot delivery has been increasingly popular in recent years. 

So what is hotshot trucking, and why would your business benefit from this delivery service? Elder Logistics Inc. will tell you everything you need to know about hotshot trucking,

What Is Hot Shot Trucking/Delivery?

Hot shot trucking is the transportation of LTL (less than truckload) freights and goods. Timing is everything with hot shot trucking, as these smaller loads are typically delivered to a single location or customer within a specific timeframe. This service commonly utilizes medium-duty trucks pulling trailers to make these time-sensitive deliveries. 

Hotshot deliveries may go a short distance or travel across state lines or even out of the country. Elder Logistics has you covered for all of your interstate and intrastate hotshot needs. 

How Can I Find Hot Shot Trucking Services?

Hot shot truckers can be freelance owner-operators. However, freight and heavy haul companies, like Elder Logistics, offer higher reliability and professionalism regarding hot shot services.

We are equipped with a flexible fleet that can work with you and provide practical and quick solutions to your time-sensitive requirements. If you are looking for interstate or intrastate hotshot services, you can rely on us as your trusted intermediary trucking service partner. 

What Types of Businesses Can Use Hot Shot Trucking?

Many businesses can utilize hotshot services. It is the preferred solution of various industries regarding quickly transporting smaller loads to locations across the country. 

A few examples of industries that could utilize this method of transportation include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Residential & Commercial Construction
  • Military & Government
  • Oil & gas
  • Pipeline Construction

Hot shot truckers are also typically expected to haul heavier equipment, such as machinery, agricultural equipment, and various types of construction materials or machinery. 

What Kind of Trucks Are Used For Hot Shot Deliveries?

Here at Elder Logistics, we can provide many vehicles to help deliver your materials and goods. We are partners with Peterbilt and now have over 40 Peterbilts in our fleet for your business to benefit from. We can accommodate our clients’ special requests or delivery requirements with various vehicles in our fleet. 

Multiple truck types are usually used for hotshot transport. Whatever your specific vehicle needs are, Elder Logistics can help you load up and move your shipment out quickly and securely. 

What Kind of Trailers Are Used For Hot Shot Services?

Multiple trailer types can be used for hot shot services. Here are a few of the most common choices.

Gooseneck Trailers

Gooseneck trailers are ideal for tight turning radiuses and stability, including limited swaying. However, loads on gooseneck trailers are typically large enough to be considered commercial, so you’ll want to go with a trusted and professional company for your job. 

Bumper Pull Trailers

Commercial and civilian drivers commonly use bumper pull trailers. They tend to be shorter and don’t always require a Commercial Driver’s License because the combined weight and the truck and trailer will usually be under 10,001 lbs. 

Lowboy Trailers

Lowboy trailers offer the best stability when hauling the heaviest loads. Lowboy trailers have a low center of gravity, hence the name. However, loading space is limited because of the smaller usable deck space. 

Deckover Trailers

Deckover trailers are commonly used recreationally and commercially, and are ideal for hot shot loads because of the lack of wheel wells and the addition of a more expansive deck. 

Elder Logistics Is Here to Help You With Your Hot Shot Delivery Needs

When your business requires hotshot services, you’ll want to partner with a company that offers flexibility, safety, quality, and value. Elder Logistics’ philosophy is centered around these four critical elements of trucking and delivery services. As a result, our company excels at helping clients find the most cost-effective route for any type of hauling job, big or small, interstate or intrastate, and time-sensitive or sensitive materials.