Flatbed and curtain van trucks open the door to more options your business can utilize when shipping large or oddly-shaped shipments. In addition, these services can accept loads that aren’t suitable for conventional transportation and hauling vehicles, so when you have a delivery that requires more flexibility concerning shipment options, remember you can take advantage of flatbed or curtain van services.

Here at Elder Logistics Inc., we understand that the key to success is versatility. We are inspired to help your business grow more robust and flourish, and that’s why we offer our clients access to flexibility, professionalism, and efficiency regardless of what you might need. 

Let’s discuss why flatbed or curtain van services can significantly benefit your business operations. 

Why Choose a Flatbed?

Flatbed trucks are designed to handle cumbersome loads. Our flatbeds can handle heavy loads that would be too much for trailers or other standard vehicles. As a result, we don’t need to make as many back-and-forth trips, so your shipments are delivered quicker and more efficiently. Larger or more oddly shaped loads are also much easier to handle when using flatbed services, as they can be loaded/unloaded with ease. 

Flatbed hauling services are helpful when you’re transporting large equipment, construction materials, or anything else that won’t fit in a standard enclosed trailer.

Opting for flatbed freight shipping with Elder Logistics can provide some benefits:

  • Ship Almost Anything. Flatbed truckloads typically don’t have size or shape restrictions, so your business can ship virtually anything. 
  • Accessible to Load/Unload. Since flatbed trucks don’t have sides or a ceiling, you can unload and load them from either the sides or the back, whichever is easiest. Easy access makes it simple for a forklift to lift them directly off the bed. 
  • Secure and Safe Materials. You don’t have to sacrifice the safety of your goods when using flatbed truck services. Items are secured to the trailer via straps or chains, preventing movement or damage, and tarps can also protect the shipment from being exposed to the elements. 

Benefits of Curtain Van Services 

At Elder Logistics Inc., we see many businesses opting for curtain van services. This option is ideal for transporting everything from doors and windows to aircraft and aerospace components. Oversized items, materials you may want to conceal, and shipments that won’t meet the requirements of a standard trailer are ideal candidates for this type of service. 

There are plenty of benefits to tap into when you use our curtain van services:

  • Flexibility when Loading/Unloading. Loading is executed quicker due to the open sides of curtain vans, and you have more freedom regarding which objects you want to unload first. 
  • Cargo Safety and Security. The nature of curtain side vans offers unique benefits over flatbed trucks. Covering the cargo can be advantageous when moving higher-value shipments like expensive vehicles or machinery. The same goes for sensitive materials like hazardous chemicals, military equipment, explosives, etc. 
  • Eliminates Need for Tarping. Of course, curtain side vans can protect your delivery from the elements via the side curtains. Flatbed trucks will need tarp over the materials and goods on the bed, which can add some extra time to the whole process. 

Flatbed Truck v. Curtain Side Van Services 

So what do flatbed trucks and curtain side van services have in common? They both accommodate unique needs well. 

Both of these services offer unique solutions for unusual cargo. Size, shape, unloading, or loading situations can all be accommodated through flatbed truck and curtain side van services. It really depends on your own business transportation needs.

We understand that our clients have unique and one-of-a-kind special orders that must be fulfilled with utmost care. Our team will find a way to help you achieve your goals and accommodate your transportation needs efficiently, effectively, and safely. 

Request a quote from our team here at Elder Logistics Inc. today to get your next shipment on the road.