Here at Elder Logistics, we are continually committed to providing you with appropriate scaling improvements for your freight transportation needs. So that’s why we’re immensely proud to announce that we will now be offering timely and secure LTL servicing from North Carolina and Virginia to the Pacific Northwest. 

For you, this translates to saving more on transportation costs and worrying less about the logistics of how you will be able to get your products shipped in a timely, secure, and efficient manner. Below are some of the reasons we’re excited to roll out this service for your freight consolidation needs.

       1. You Save on Costs

Being able to save on necessary business operation expenses is always a relief. However, now factor in having your freight arrive at its desired destination in a timely and more secure manner. We can now provide these cost-saving measures simply by dividing the cost of shipping among all shippers who participate in this method of transportation for their freight.

How do you save?

Just like using a carpooling service to transport all of your employees in one trip to the office, think of freight consolidation in this very same manner, but for your freight.

How does this work?

Several shippers have the opportunity to come together and agree to use a single truck for their cargo. In this way, freight consolidation prevents shippers from paying for any potential unused space within containers. In fact, shippers are only responsible for paying for the space their products use when using freight consolidation.

Also, not only do you benefit, but we do as well. Participating in freight consolidation helps make the shipping units more profitable and efficient in the long run by using this method.

       2. Your Freight is More Secure

It should come as no surprise that accidents sometimes happen in this industry. However, with participating in freight consolidation, there will be fewer transfers that your freight will go through. In business translation, this simply means there will be fewer hands having to change during the transportation process.

In turn, having your freight consolidated means it will be on fewer trucks, making the odds smaller that one will be involved in an accident. Ultimately, and in addition to the quality handling of an experienced provider like us, we want to provide you a sense of comfort and confidence that your consolidated freight will safely reach its destination time after time.

Lastly, freight consolidation comes with an added benefit as well. Since your product is handled less, there is a lower risk of something going missing. There is also a lower chance of your freight ending up at the wrong delivery point.

In the end, participating in freight consolidation equals more satisfied customers on the other end of the shipment. 

Why is this? 

Well, that’s because there’s a lesser chance that your delivery will be late when using freight consolidation for your product.

        3. Your Fragile Freights and Smaller Shipments Benefit

The most critical benefit of freight consolidation includes keeping fragile freight shipments secure. 

How so?Well, that’s because when using freight consolidation, you will have to worry less about running the risk of having your product destroyed due to different tradeoffs and checkpoints.

Also, if you have a smaller shipment you want to make to any given desired destination, you will have the added benefit of ensuring cost-efficiency for your business needs. For smaller loads, the industry-standard recommendation is to use LTL freight consolidation services. The reason for this? The infrequent stops between the point of departure and the final destination.

        4. You Increase Business and Customer Relationships

The most significant aftereffect of shipping more efficiently with freight consolidation is that you will establish deeper relationships with other businesses. For instance, you can foster and grow a shipping partnership once you know another business ships a similar product like yours to the same final destination.

What business relationships?

Well, this provides a level of higher business relationship value since both you and any other potential companies that share shipments through freight consolidation may eventually go on to form an actual business partnership. This can happen in a variety of ways. Either due to similar products, or even complementary products, that both your company and the other company would never have been aware of without participating in freight consolidation. 

After all, in any industry, it’s who you know.

Not forgetting your customers, you’ll find that they will appreciate receiving your products sooner. Your customers will also potentially enjoy significant cost reductions on their end, thanks in part to the freight consolidation process’s business-saving measures.

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll see in your own business when you take advantage of our LTL services. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] to get more information on this new service we’re providing.